Magical Heal-All Broth

Bone broth is our favourite thing to have in the pantry.

Furbaby not feeling well? Just warm up some broth.

Furbaby being picky with their food? Just add in 2 tablespoons into their meals.

And the list goes on!

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Can I feed my pets any bone broth?

No, some bone broths contain garlic, onion and salt. It’s best to keep bone broths for humans away from your furbabies. A better choice is to pick up bone broths made specially for canines or felines. 

Our broth for dogs is balanced and contains vegetables while our broth for cats is higher in protein.

What are the benefits of feeding my pet bone broth?

➜ Strengthen joints

➜ Combat arthritis

➜ Aidin digestion and gut health

➜ Detox liver

➜ Enhance skin and fur

➜ Improve the overall immune system

➜ Improve appetite 

How should I serve the broth?

There are so many ways to serve up this tasty broth! It can be served hot or cold! 

Add broth to kibbles, freeze dried meals, raw meals or cooked meals or feed it on its own as a delicious snack!

Serve a minimum amount of 2 tablespoon per 3 to 4kg of body weight. 

You can serve your furkid up to 3 times the amount for maximum results.

How to store broth?

➜ Broth is best consumed within 3 months from the date of purchase

➜ Store unopened broth bottles in a cool dry place

➜ Keep refrigerated once opened - Consume within 7 days

➜ For longer shelf life (up to 3 months after opening), pour broth into a clean ice cube tray and freeze upon opening. You can add the frozen cubes to meals

How to open the bottle?

Turn the bottle upside down and dip the lid in hot water for 15 seconds. Then, use a cloth to twist the cap open. 

Our lids are tightly sealed due to our strict sterilisation and sealing process!